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Sia 1960 Siarex Paper 9x11

Sia 1960 Siarex Paper 9x11

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Sheet of Siarexx Sandpaper 9 x 11″. This sandpaper is made of aluminium oxide, corundrum and synthetic resins.

This sandpaper is usually used for the manual sanding of hard and soft wood and also for all wood finish types.

Recommended Surfaces

Softwood, Hardwood, Resinous wood, Water-based varnish, Polyester lacquer, PU lacquer, NC lacquer, UV lacquer, Acrylic lacquer, Solid surface material, Old paint, Old lacquer, Primer filler, Primer coat, Bodyfiller, Plastics , Mineral fibreboard, Plaster, Plasterboard

Available Grits

40; 60-320; 400-600


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